Mom Lets 4-Year-Old Finish Her Drawings

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Illustrator, graphic artist, and mom Mica Angela Hendricks writes on her blog that she didn’t set out to share her brand new sketchbook with her 4-year old daughter. She wanted to keep the new book to herself but her young daughter turned her own “mommy-words” on her, “If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share.” She complied and let her finish drawing the body of a woman’s head she had started sketching out. Mica writes, “Not surprisingly, I LOVED what she drew. I had drawn a woman’s face, and she had turned her into a dinosaur-woman. It was beautiful, it was carefree, and for as much as I don’t like to share, I LOVED what she had created. Flipping through my sketchbook, I found another doodle of a face I had not yet finished. She drew a body on it, too, and I was enthralled. It was such a beautiful combination of my style and hers. And she LOVED being a part of it. She never hesitated in her intent. She wasn’t tentative. She was insistent and confident that she would of course improve any illustration I might have done. …And the thing is, she DID.”



#1: Dinosaur Lady



#2: Mr. Beever



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